International Women’s Day, Dublin Ireland 2012

Dublin City Women

I recently attended the Dublin City Women in Business Network event on March 8th, which was around the theme of ‘Celebration, Connection and Inspiration‘ for Women in Business in Dublin. The event was co-hosted with the Enterprising Women from Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown and the Fingal Women in Business Network.

The guest speaker was Minister of State for European Affairs, Lucinda Creighton, T.D. Unfortunately, I was late getting to the event so didn’t catch her speech. You can read it here in full.

Guest speakers

The talk by Rachel Mooney, Vodaphone HR Director was interesting. She discussed the New Ways program. How they have totally changed the culture in the organisation. Nobody has an office, a desk or their own area. Everyone has their own smartphone, laptop or notebook. Whilst, it has been a challenge they are seeing greater collaboration and innovation starting to happen.

Women want WIN WIN

She believes that this can only be a good thing for women. She referred to Pat Heim an American who has done a lot of studies on the boy girl factor. Women want win win where as men are happy with win loose.

Rachel went on to say why women when going for a job look at the job description and spec, and think I can only do 80% of that, I won’t go for it. Where as a man will do the same checklist and tick 50% of the boxes and will be delighted that he’s well capable for the job. I can totally identify with that. Can you?

We women are great at nurturing others but have huge discomfort at promoting ourselves. It is like we have no value on our worth in business.

Confident Women or Not

Lastly, Grainne Barry from mentioned something that struck with her from the early days. Someone said to her randomly the difference between a small business and a big business is confidence.

Nearly all the women that spoke this evening started their talk off with some sort of apology or negative comment. For example, Grainne Barry’s introduction to her talk was all about whether she should do it or not when she was apporiached to speak at the event. That is one thing I learnt from the womenonair sessions. The producers researchers would often ring a woman to speak and she would say I have to think about it or say no. Where as they find that the men would say yes straight away.

Books To Read

To finish some books as recommended by the panel that have inspired them along their journeys

Overall a really great event and I was delighted to be a part of it.

How to Embed a Tweet Directly to Your Blog Post

Quick Twitter Tip

Learnt this the other day from a great hyper local blog called Talk About Local in the UK. It was in a post by Mike Rawlins called Adding Tweets to Your WordPress Blog Post.

The post is short, simple and extremely useful. It shows how to make tweets in blog posts look pretty like this one I marked as a favourite today.

What do you think? Doesn’t it look more eye catching and professional. Also the really great bit is that you can click on the links and the #tags. Super cool!!

Facebook: Who’s Talking About Who?

Michael D. Higgins

It’s looking more than likely that Michael D. Higgins will be our next president.

Just had a quick look at their Facebook pages. Michael D. Higgins has 7,403 likes and just 5,678 are talking about it.

Sean Gallagher

Sean Gallagher has 41,492 likes and 19,419 are talking about it.

Get Mobile Techspectations 2011 : Part 2


Geodelic who describe themselves as the next generation locational commerce network started the session after the break. Brendan Kenny their Director of Business Development discussed why it is important to get mobile. That it is very relevant and important to who we are and the way we interact nowadays. He went on to give the example that a lot of people would prefer to loose their wallet rather than their smart phone. ( I tend to agree).

Having lost his phone and replacing it within 60 minutes he started to realise that new technologies were becoming fundamental to his life. Brendan went on to explain that Ireland was chosen as a test marekt for their latest pilot project. Two primary reasons one Dublin has a fairly tech savvy population and there is a good cluster of businesses interested in using technology.

Geo Deals differ from other group deal companies in that it gives the owner the owner more choice and power to use the deals as they want. Geo Deals helps them shift stock at off peak times.

Gary Twohig – Country Manager for Samsung mobile

Gary started of with a brief snapshot of his career to date and how he got to be country manager for Samsung mobile. Thought this was good for the majority of students in the audience to hear.

He then went on to talk about how they got to be numero uno in the Irish Market as he thought this would be of the most interest to the audience today. Their vision was to be the most admired and coveted mobile brand in Ireland.

To do this they had 4 key areas of focus that would help them achieve the most coveted no 1 position.

  • Differentiated Product Offerings
  • Propositions Relevant to Irish Consumers
  • Obsessive Smartphone Focus
  • Local Irish Content & Partnerships

They differentiated their products by creating their own design collections. This helps make the Samsung phones stand out and get their phones into the front windows of mobile phone retail shops. Also their Hello Kitty range worked really well.

What also worked well was the local Irish content strategy and partnerships. They wanted to start getting people to use the content on their smart phones and interact with the phones more. So they looked at the most popular downloaded Irish apps such as The Journal, Golden pages and put these apps on the phone from day one. By having the apps already on the phone customers would be encouraged to use their apps and thereby interacting with their phone more.

I really liked their thinking about user experience. Samsung thought it would be much more beneficial for a potential customer to experience the Galaxy Tablet in an everyday setting rather than in a retail store. So they approached some local high profile partnerships with the idea of getting these new partners to use the Galaxy tablet for the benefit of their customers. For example instead of getting an ordinary printed wine list in a restaurant, the wine list would be presented to the customer on the Galaxy tablet.

Other examples were given on how Vodaphone were using it to show customers their bills and how Krystal nightclub were using it for guest management. Like this tweet says I want to try one NOW.

National Irish Bank

Shane Quinlan was the last speaker up and talked about why National Irish Bank are embracing mobile. They have recently launched their own app and it has been very successful. The reasons given for providing a mobile app are :

  • Customers becoming more demanding and request higher service levels.
  • Want to choose how they deal with the bank.
  • They want a range of channels.
  • Want ability to pay bills wherever, whenever.
  • They want a holistic view of their financials.

They found that customers are increasingly turning to online channels and moving to mobile banking. As time goes on smartphones are eating into the penetration and the whole explosion of smartphones is definitely one of the key trends they are looking at.

Get Mobile Techspectations 2011 : Part 1

Get Mobile

Today the Get Mobile mini conference kicked of in the Helix in Dublin City University at 2pm to an audience of approximately 600 students and business people. The event was arranged by the Techspectations team at DCU. It was the first of 4 FREE events being held in 2011.

Everything that can go mobile, will go mobile

John O’Shea of Zamano was up first and his talk was aptly titled “Everything that can go mobile, will go mobile”. He spoke about how businesses have got to think mobile first. Always be thinking from a mobile perspective. As everything that can go mobile will go mobile.

An incredible 40% of all mobile data traffic is Facebook in the UK. And Americans are far more advanced at using their mobile phones with 40% of them using the web on their mobiles. So it is vital that when thinking about your web presence, you have got to think how it will look on a mobile handset.

And make sure it works. Think about what people look for when out and about. It is completely different to when sitting at home. They need the information NOW. They are looking for opening times, for product prices (to see if cheaper online), for ticket information.

This means that your product/service needs to be coming in the top 2 or 3 on the mobile or it won’t be seen. Simple.

Joe Drumgoole

Second speaker up was Joe Drumgoole Vice President of Solutions for Feed Henry. He started with asking the audience who wanted to start their own business. He found it refreshing that approximately 40% put their hands up. He then went on to advise to do it now and not wait until your older and have kids, (like he did). Of course too late for me as well.

Joe’s talk was slightly technical for me and some of it to be honest went over my head. He talked about caring about mobile first when you are building software and cited Facebook as an example of a great app. He did say that the one thing missing it does not allow its advertisers to manage their campaign from an app. And his dislike of the the Windows 7 phone for being difficult to build apps was quite evident throughout his talk.

He went on to say that what makes an app jump off is that it must have the following location services, optical systems, touch screen, internet and PIM, all these need to feed into the app building.

Signifciant challenges for developers

  • User interaction design
  • Small screen design
  • Device capabilities
  • Device resolutions and dimensions (android dimensions are frustrating)
  • Cloud interfaces
  • Standards

The Future by Joe

  • Smartphones + feature phones = phones
  • HTML5 is the future
  • Tablets going to be huge for Enterprise
  • If you ain’t got cloud you ain’t got game
  • There’s a company near you that can help

I guess the main point I got from both speakers is think MOBILE always. Smart phone usage is increasing dramatically and apps are getting more sophisticated.