Dublin Web Summit

Dublin Web Summit 2012

Tomorrow I am going to the Dublin Web Summit in the Royal Dublin Society (RDS) in BallsBridge, Dublin 4. And I am really excited to be going. This year the summit will have 100s of investors, media and speakers and over 3000 attendees all coming to talk and hear about digital and social technologies. In fact when trying to plan my schedule of speakers for the two days it was quite overwhelming or as @omaniblog put it in a recent audioboo quite challenging when there are #toomanyinterestingpeople.

Women in Technology

The focus on this summit is women in technology. They first ten speakers announced for the web summit were women. And the Leaders Lunch on Thursday purpose is to bring together female business leaders, entrepreneurs and influencers from Ireland and abroad. I am very interested in seeing how the lunch goes and what impact it will have on inspiring more women into technology.

My intention for going to the summit is to network, meet with people I have being following on Twitter and hopefully make a few connections with people that can help my business Social Zavvy and social enterprise Hyperlocal Ireland develop further.


And just for fun I have set myself a little challenge using my favourite social platform Instagram. I am aiming to get a picture taken with the 37 female speakers at this years summit over the two days and one night. Each picture will be put onto Instagram as they are taken and numbered. I will use the Twitter hastags #changetheratio and #websummit. Hopefully my Instagram stream will be flooded with great women over the next two days.

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