GEC 1st Wednesday Club 6th May 2015

  Dublin Startup Networking Session

GEC 1st Wednesday Club

The Guinness Enterprise Centre 1st Wednesday club (now running over 4 years) was attended by over 15 companies all at various levels of business. Everyone got a chance to say a little bit about what their company is about and then help other companies if they felt they had a contact that could help. 

Conor, Fluidedge has a great drupal event coming up on the 22nd & 23rd of May in the GEC. Also David and Sarah from the Dublin Startup Commissioners office attended and shared some news on what is happening in the Dublin Startup scene. 

David talked about Crunchbase and the mapping of the Dublin startup eco system. Register your business now. And Sarah reminded us about four things that are good for startups to know 

1) Startup Digest 

2) Online SME tool 

3) Dublin Globe new startup publication

4) Startup Brekkie in the DDDA first Friday every month 

It was a busy hour with lots of actional tasks for everyone. We strive to keep it tight within the hour and 99% of the time we succeed. 

The next event is on the 3rd of June 2015. Can't believe we are nearly half way through 2015 already. 


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