GEC 1st Wednesday Club

pictures of people at the GEC networking events

Networking in Dublin 8 

Are you looking to generate leads, build business relationships and increase sales?

Come to the GEC 1st Wednesday Club on Feb 4th hosted by myself  and see how it can help your business. As it says in the name, this business networking club meets on the 1st Wednesday of every month in the Guinness Enterprise CentreIt starts at 12.30pm and finishes at 1.30pm. A free Lunch is provided in the way of sandwiches with tea and coffee.

The format of the one hour networking session is to let everyone introduce themselves, their business and who they are looking to get in touch with. Then we go around the room a second time to say who we can connect people with.

It is not always possible to connect everyone with someone on the day, however, there have been many successful connections and sales made as a result of the 1st Wednesday Club.

There is a great mixture of companies attending and it is always interesting to hear about the different businesses that are working hard around us.

We also like taking the conversations started at the 1st Wednesday Club and bringing them further online in between events. The below GEC social links can help with this and using the new dedicated 1st Wednesday club hashtag #GEC1stWC

Twitter: @GECinD8

Sarah Scannell who works alongside ‘Niamh Bushnell’, Dublin’s first Commissioner for Startups will be coming along this week to hear all about the fantastic work that you all do here at The GEC.

Attendance is a must – get the word out there about your business!

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    1. Pauline Post author

      Hi Rafal 

      Great to see you yesterday and thank you for the wonderful pics. I will be putting them up today on the blog. 

      Hope you got value from the event. 







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