Get Mobile Techspectations 2011 : Part 1

Get Mobile

Today the Get Mobile mini conference kicked of in the Helix in Dublin City University at 2pm to an audience of approximately 600 students and business people. The event was arranged by the Techspectations team at DCU. It was the first of 4 FREE events being held in 2011.

Everything that can go mobile, will go mobile

John O’Shea of Zamano was up first and his talk was aptly titled “Everything that can go mobile, will go mobile”. He spoke about how businesses have got to think mobile first. Always be thinking from a mobile perspective. As everything that can go mobile will go mobile.

An incredible 40% of all mobile data traffic is Facebook in the UK. And Americans are far more advanced at using their mobile phones with 40% of them using the web on their mobiles. So it is vital that when thinking about your web presence, you have got to think how it will look on a mobile handset.

And make sure it works. Think about what people look for when out and about. It is completely different to when sitting at home. They need the information NOW. They are looking for opening times, for product prices (to see if cheaper online), for ticket information.

This means that your product/service needs to be coming in the top 2 or 3 on the mobile or it won’t be seen. Simple.

Joe Drumgoole

Second speaker up was Joe Drumgoole Vice President of Solutions for Feed Henry. He started with asking the audience who wanted to start their own business. He found it refreshing that approximately 40% put their hands up. He then went on to advise to do it now and not wait until your older and have kids, (like he did). Of course too late for me as well.

Joe’s talk was slightly technical for me and some of it to be honest went over my head. He talked about caring about mobile first when you are building software and cited Facebook as an example of a great app. He did say that the one thing missing it does not allow its advertisers to manage their campaign from an app. And his dislike of the the Windows 7 phone for being difficult to build apps was quite evident throughout his talk.

He went on to say that what makes an app jump off is that it must have the following location services, optical systems, touch screen, internet and PIM, all these need to feed into the app building.

Signifciant challenges for developers

  • User interaction design
  • Small screen design
  • Device capabilities
  • Device resolutions and dimensions (android dimensions are frustrating)
  • Cloud interfaces
  • Standards

The Future by Joe

  • Smartphones + feature phones = phones
  • HTML5 is the future
  • Tablets going to be huge for Enterprise
  • If you ain’t got cloud you ain’t got game
  • There’s a company near you that can help

I guess the main point I got from both speakers is think MOBILE always. Smart phone usage is increasing dramatically and apps are getting more sophisticated.

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