Give A Hoot and Get Hootsuite


So I’ve just enrolled in the Hootsuite University and began my lessons this week. I’m only just after getting onto the Advanced Tactics with Hootsuite Pro section and I’ve already learned so much. For instance you’re able to set up streams that search tweets in relation to your geo location. That is some James Bond stuff right there.

Using Hootsuite also allows you to easily respond to your customers tweets and to engage with them by setting up appropriate streams. Best of all you can create some seriously professional looking reports with a few quick clicks.

I can’t wait to implement what I’ve learned into some of the current Social Zavvy campaigns. I would highly recommend that anyone involved in social media marketing gets familiar with Hootsuite.

If anyone wants to know anything about Hootsuite University feel free to get in touch with Social Zavvy at @SocialZavvy or email me at

Stay Zavvy,


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