No Women in Irelands Top Tech / Start Up list

No Female Leaders

Came across this tweet today and discovered that Mr Collins and Mr Blanchfield had got together to list who they felt were Irelands top technology and startup leaders. It was disappointing to find that there was no women (AT ALL) on the list!

Of course I wasn’t the only one who was disappointed as you can see from the following tweets. When the all male list was questioned Dylan Collins responded by saying they are not listing people for the sake of it. To be fair he did say they tried. To what extent they tried would be interesting.

The most worrying aspect to this is that Dylan Collins and Sean Blanchfield come into contact with more women in technology and women in start ups than the ordinary person. And the fact that they couldn’t think of any women that stand out as leaders in technology or start ups is a concern for everyone.

Lastly, check out this great post by Catherine Cronin about a Google doc she compiled full of interesting women in technology.

Over a hundred names on it. No excuses now for not being able to get female speakers :)

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