Irish Internet Association: Deep Dive Event #3

Digital Marketing Mix : Deep Dive #3

Social Zavvy were in attendance at the recent Irish Internet Association (IIA) deep dive event. The theme for the day was Digital Marketing Mix and this was the third of the deep dive series so far.
The event took place in the Digital Hub on Dublin’s Crane Street. Joan Mulvihill ,the CEO of the IIA, was the MC for the day.
The first speaker of the day was Conor Mullen from RTE. Conor’s talk was entitled "Content and Context – Dispelling Some Myths about Online Display Advertising". I knew that this would be interesting after having been at the previous deep dive.
Anyone who was there would understand but anyway I digress.

To sum up Conor’s talk Display Advertising works when you have the right content in the right place. Some of the examples of incorrect Display Advertising were crazy and if you were the company involved with them you would not be happy.

Felicity McCarthy from Facebook was the next speaker and she talked about Facebook being the place where you are your real self and gave some tips on optimising Facebook for both yourself and your business page.

Some of her tips included :

  • Keep Updates Short
  • Keep Updates Timely and Relevant
  • Make it about your fans/ Engage with them

Those tips might seem simple but they are often ignored and it’s always great to have them re emphasised especially from someone who works for Facebook!

After a brief coffee break we returned to the event and into the case studies. There was an example of B2B from Sage Ireland’s Beatrice Whelan, B2C in the service industry from David Stone of Burritos & Blues and another B2C from Aedan Ryan of Puddleducks.

Beatrice was up first and she told us how Sage Ireland used Social Media in the Integrated Marketing Mix. Sage ran a campaign in late 2012 which involved listening to their customers and running a very unique and well presented competition with the chance of winning their latest software. Sage are an example of a company who know their audience and what they want.

Joan Mulvihill talking at the IIA Deep Dive Series

Up next was Burrito & Blues main man David Stone. I know you’re all wondering did we get free burritos? Sadly not as to quote David ‘’they don’t travel well’’. He was forgiven because of his really interesting presentation. David showed us how he uses Social Media, preferably Twitter, to engage with his audience and develop his company’s image. David told us that it’s just him his iPhone and he doesn’t have any Social Media Expertise per se. David informed us that when it comes to Social Media he doesn’t try to hide from any problems and tries his best to turn a negative into a positive. Really good customer service in my opinion.

The final case study was presented by Aedan Ryan of Puddleducks. Puddleduks sell childrens’ waterproof clothing and are based in Cork. Aedan gave us a brief insight into the history of Puddleducks and the range of clothing that they supply. They were founded in 2005 and have over 200 Products with over 1500 variations.

Aedan showed us their marketing mix and they use Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to name just a few. They also use Google Adwords and Facebook Ads. He told us that their marketing strategy is – Brand Awareness- Building Trust-Community and Loyalty. He showed us example of all of these aspects in action and they are all really well executed to be fair to them.

The day finished off by having a short Q&A session with the three case study speakers, with Joan being the main contributor as the audience seemed a little quiet (it was a long day to be fair :) ).

I left the IIA with an overall better view of how to engage with existing and potential customers alike on Social Media. It was well worth the trip into town for and I can’t wait to go back again.

Stay Zavvy,


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