Kipp’s Tips at the HubSpot Dublin Talk Series

view from the HubSpot offices on the North Quay, Dublin Ireland

I recently attended the Hubspot Dublin Talk Series about social media strategies, lead nurturing and how a company needs to evolve to compete in today’s digital world.

Firstly let me say that I was taken aback when I first entered the Hubspot offices. They are so modern and cool and have a beautiful view. Hubspot seems like a really fun place to work and a place full of creative individuals.

The first speaker of the day was Kieran Flanagan the Marketing Director (EMEA) of Hubspot. Kieran talked about Inbound Marketing and how to make it your secret weapon. Kieran talked about the importance of knowing and understanding your customers and their buyer personas. I had seen Kieran in action before and I was just as impressed this time as I was the last time.

The second and last speaker of the evening was a lovely gentleman from Boston by the name of Kipp Bodnar. Kipp is the Director of Marketing at Hubspot and his talk was about turning leads into customers through the use of social media. He gave some great tips and strategies such as embedding tweets from customers on your company’s website but what I found the most interesting was the 10:4:1 rule.

The 10:4:1 rule involves sharing ten messages from different sources, sharing four links to your own content such as your blog and one link to your landing page. I found this to be very helpful as at times I struggle to think of things to tweet or content to create. This rule provides a great focus for me.

I left Hubspot HQ feeling energised and inspired which is always great. I’d like to recommend the Hubspot Dublin Talk Series to anyone who is interested in digital marketing. It’s even worth coming by to check out their offices and see how cool it is to work for them.

Stay Zavvy,

Seán Carroll

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