Sean Carroll: The Zavvy Intern


As part of my Business and Management degree in the Dublin Institute of Technology I have to undertake a 16 week work placement. 16 weeks sounds like a long time but when you’re working for an amazing company like Social Zavvy the days feel like hours. As I write this I’m just about to finish up my 4th week. I’m already a quarter of the way through it.sad

I’m not much of a blogger but if you bear with me I’ll do my best to recap the last 4 weeks and to give you an overall idea of what it’s like to work for Social Zavvy.

When you hear the word intern you think of some poor guy coming in from a college and having to make coffee and file papers all day. The Social Zavvy experience is a million miles away from this. During my first week I was barely even in the office. I went to 2 seminars about digital marketing and I got to learn so much valuable information. I took particular pleasure in rubbing this in my peers’ faces when they told me about all the lovely office based activities that they were doing smiley (I kid)

My second week in Social Zavvy was a lot more office based but I learned how to use some pretty cool social tools such as Hootsuite , Eventbrite and Animoto. I also got to meet our clients face to face and discuss strategies and operations. I never thought I would be getting this involved during my time in Social Zavvy. 

My third and fourth weeks have been a mixed bag of office work, seminars and meeting clients. I got to attend the Irish Internet Association event on Inbound Marketing and Content Creation. At this event I got to see some of the pros in action including Kieran Flanagan from Hubspot and Alan and Siobhán from Wolfgang Digital.

The thing that I like the most about working for Social Zavvy is that I feel like an important member of the team and my opinions and ideas are always valued. I have 12 more weeks to go before I’m finished with Social Zavvy and I’m going to relish every day that I have left.  

Stay Zavvy

Sean Carroll 




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