Social Zavvy Went Dotty at dotconf 2013

I was in attendance at the fourth dotconf seminar in the National College of Ireland on behalf of Social Zavvy. The event began at 8.30am so that meant I was up extra early, sigh, although the lack of sleep would be more than compensated in terms of learning as well as a heap of fun.

I didn’t really know what to expect before I went in to the seminar but I did a bit of research on some of the speakers and knew that I was going to be in for a great day. I arrived just before we were addressed by Robert Ward, the Director of Marketing in NCI. When I entered into the lecture hall that the event was in I was taken aback by the volume of the crowd in attendance. This fuelled my interest and made me think that this is going to be a pretty awesome event.

The MC for the event was Karlin Lillington from the Irish Times and she gave us a quick introduction before the first set of speakers.

The topics of discussion were varied and ranged from social media to cloud computing and everything inbetween. There was something there for everyone who loves a bit of tech. There was talks from people who have set up their own business in the areas that they have a passion for. They included:

They all told the audience why they started up their business as well as some of the lessons that they have learned along the way.

There was also the opportunity to attend one of a possible nine deep dives on a specific topic. I attended the Simple Analytics Dashboard deep dive with the very helpful Barry Hand from

After the ‘Brownbag Lunch’ we were treated to the comedy stylings of Colm O’ Regan. I didn’t want to be late for him with the fear of being ridiculed :) Colm was hilarious and got the crowd into a more livelier mood which was a nice touch (well played dotconf).

As the afternoon went on there were some more speakers including the very entertaining Jon Morter aka ‘’the social media hellraiser’’. Jon pretty much showed us examples of big companies doing social media completely wrong and gave some great advice on how to do it right. I recommend following him and his page Condescending Corporate Brand Page for a laugh and you will actually learn a few lessons.

James Whelton in action at dotconf 2013

There was a few more speakers before the main event and keynote speaker James Whelton took to the stage. Karlin told us that they had tried to get James twice before for the dotconf but he was unavailable at both times, once was for his Leaving Cert. James is the Co-Founder of Coder Dojo and the Hello World Foundation.

James discussed the importance of the need for coding in peoples lives. He said that ‘’we learned how to read and write and now we need to learn how to code’’. He talked about all of the advantages and benefits towards society if for example doctors and lawyers were able to code. He also talked about privacy issues and gave his views on them.

James is only 20 years old but he already has accomplished so much and I can see him having a great impact on the world.

The only negative of the day was that my phone died early on and I couldn’t tweet :(

I’ll finish off this post by saying that the dotconf was a fantastic day out and I left feeling inspired having listened to so many accomplished speakers and having meet some really nice like minded individuals.

Until next year,

Stay Zavvy

Seán Carroll

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