Stack your Deck with Short Stack

Short Stack is an app to allows the user to create Facebook apps, contest apps and promotions. It has a free option as well as a paid option. The user can also upgrade and downgrade at  any time with relative ease.

I’ve been  using Short Stack for the last two months and I have to say that I’ve found it very effective. I’ll admit it takes a little getting used to but once you get the hang of it you will really enjoy it.


  1. Customer Support: Anytime that I ran into some sort of difficulty while using the Short Stack app I was able to resolve the problem by either looking at their FAQ section, looking at their own tutorial videos on YouTube (which are done by staff members) or by sending them an email which they always respond to. Check out this article here from Amanda Webb of Spiderworking which shows you how to set up a Facebook competition.


  1. Installation: Installing your tabs from Short Stack to Facebook is really easy. You have two options. Quick Publish and Custom Publish. I would recommend that you use Custom Publish although it’s a little trickier you can do more with it. Also once you have installed your tab you can make changes to it from Short Stack and update instantly, a nice touch.  


  1. Access to Information: If you’re running a Facebook competition through a Short Stack tab that you’ve made, you have easy access to your entries as Short Stack gathers and stores their information for you. You also have the option to select a random winner as well as being able to export your entrants detail to an excel document. This is really useful for companies who want to contact their entrants again in the future.


  1. Limited Design Options: When choosing a theme for your tab the user is limited. As far as I know there’s no option to make a custom theme but to be fair the ones available are pretty good. If anyone knows of being able to make custom teams please feel free to let me know. Note: Short Stack has the option to add your own code but I have zero knowledge about coding :)


  1. Initial  Difficulty: When starting off using Short Stack I found it difficult to be honest. I have no previous experience in design or anything like that so maybe it’s just me but after a few attempts and tutorials I did get better at it. My advice would be to practice with it in your free time before you have to use it for business.


Overall I would recommend Short Stack to people but with the warning to practice if it is new to you. If anyone would like to recommend any similar apps or websites to Short Stack I would love to hear them.


Stay Zavvy,


Seán Carroll

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