Wizards Wanted at Startup Networking Session

Startup Networking Session in Dublin 

Great attendance and energy at February's 1st Wednesday Club in the GEC

There was 34 companies in all who attended. And all at different levels of the startup development process. Some at the pre startup stage like Kevin, Jimmy and Martin who shared their ideas about an alzheimers app, mindfulness events and a world class maritime centre in Cork. 
A lot were at startup stage ProFinder and Nestion. And others who are further along such as Huggity, Sentient Solutions and ComputeNext.
Wizards (angular js), app developers and marketing specialists were some of the requests of the day. Along with event organisers, food distributors and connections to large corporates in Ireland and beyond.
The below GEC social links help participants keep the conversation going in between meet ups. 


Twitter: @GECinD8


A special thank you to Sarah Scannell from Dublin City Council for attending and letting us know about the great work that is being done with the Dublin Start Up Commissioner's team
And lastly, huge thanks to Rafal for taking some great pictures of the day
The GEC 1st Wednesday Club is open to all GEC members, the startup community in Ireland and other businesses outside of the GEC. Next meet up is on Wednesday the 4th of March at 12.30pm. 


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